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SSD – New Market Invasion!


Early computers took up entire rooms in large, specialized buildings, with limited amounts of memory capacity and low problem solving abilities. Today we carry in our pockets more efficient and complex devices than those primitive ones, with greater capacity for computational functions than the monstrous machines of the past. Likewise computers have evolved, both the internal and external memories have increased storage capacity and decreased in size.

PC to Tablet!


The early computers were not created to satisfy a desire for entertainment nor to make communication faster, but to solve bureaucratic issues. In 1880, the US population was such that seven years were needed for the organization of the census of that decade. Many things can happen in seven years that affect the population of a country, specially one of such continental dimensions like the United States: armed conflicts, wars, epidemics, immigration; the government then sought more efficient ways to organize the counting of the US population, creating the first computers; cardboard pages were pierced through, according the data input, to make the sums and they occupied entire rooms.

Invasion of Drones

phanton2 1

A new competitor is taking the airways around the world: the drones. The name by which the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Manned (RMAV) are often referred to is of English origin, drone, the big male bees. These flying machines are becoming increasingly popular, for not only military and warfare purposes, but also for other activities, from wildlife and atmospheric research, to disaster relief and sports photography. Drones are becoming the eyes and ears of scientists examining the ground for archaeological sites, hunting and harvesting signs, and even zooming in the eye of hurricanes, using the machine to study the violent storms. You can even rent a personal drone and set it up above the horizon line to take a picture or record a vídeo.

The internet and the easiness of getting a innovate.