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According to the latest global data analyzes about obesity, Mexico is in first place, with 70% of its population being overweight and almost 33% its population being obese, followed by the United States, Syria and Venezuela. This shows that the obesity epidemic is not located in just one region of the world or just in developed countries, it is spread all over the world, in many different cultures. A poor diet is associated with various dangerous and deadly diseases.

Cholesterol is one of the greatest villains associated with a poor diet. When a person has high cholesterol levels, this substance can create fatty deposits in the arteries and veins. Occasionally, these deposits may hinder the blood circulation. The heart of the person will receive less blood rich in oxygen, which increases the risk of a heart attack. Impaired blood circulation can also increase the risk of a stroke. High levels of cholesterol can be genetically inherited, but is usually the result of a sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in fats and, therefore, is a condition that can be prevented and treated. A healthy diet, regular physical activity and medication, in specific cases, can reduce the cholesterol levels.

Avoiding processed foods as much as possible is an excellent guideline for a healthy diet. Everything that comes in a box or bag where is written ‘ready for consumption’ is bad for the health, even those who claim to be light or zero. For example, a box of juice has less than 25% of real fruit juice and contain various preservatives, too much sugar and sweeteners and also sodium. Preservatives and sugars damage the liver and kidneys, which are burdened by trying to filter everything that is not good for your health. And sodium is considered one of the greatest villains of the century and responsible for the deteriorating health of several people. Virtually everything that is industrialized has high levels of sodium, from Oreo to the food we least expect it, like a cereal bar. Therefore, it is important to always give preference for fresh and homecooked meals.

AliexpressTB36In addition, the main meals must always be very colorful. Foods with different colors have different vitamins and minerals, so, to ingest all nutrients needed by the body’s, a meal must have at least three different colors. Eating at the same time every day and always making at least two main meals and three lighter meals is also of paramount importance. The body adapts and begins to remember the right time to eat automatically. Avoiding trans fats, found in cakes, crackers and processed cookies, it’s also essential for a healthy life. Trans fat increases the LDL cholesterol levels and also decreases the levels of HDL cholesterol.

Obesity is certainly a great indication that something is wrong in the person’s diet, but do not forget that there are also thin people who are fat, individuals who are apparently thin, but that have high levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and other obesity indicators commonly linked to a poor diet. A healthy diet is the key aspect to living well, healthily and longer.


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