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The early computers were not created to satisfy a desire for entertainment nor to make communication faster, but to solve bureaucratic issues. In 1880, the US population was such that seven years were needed for the organization of the census of that decade. Many things can happen in seven years that affect the population of a country, specially one of such continental dimensions like the United States: armed conflicts, wars, epidemics, immigration; the government then sought more efficient ways to organize the counting of the US population, creating the first computers; cardboard pages were pierced through, according the data input, to make the sums and they occupied entire rooms.

Today we carry in our pockets more efficient and complex devices than the primitive ones, with greater capacity for computational functions than the monstrous machines of before. When people talk about computer, it is likely that their minds think about brands like Apple or Windows, but long before these modern giants arose, there were computational methods in use, without which, by the way, these companies would not exist today.

In France in the early 19th century, a simple machine was created and used to weave fabrics and other machines would be based on this one when their creators started them; the issue raised earlier about the US census was resolved in 1890 by Herman Hollerith, who developed a machine that pierced paper according to input information regarding the US population, and was able to publish the census in just three years, saving millions of dollars to the government. Later Hollerith created his own company, which became IBM (International Business Machines), and now has offices in many places in the world and developed the first contemporary computers.

Allan Turing, British mathematician, developed a machine that deciphered the German coded messages during World War II; before that, he created the “Turing Machine”, the first system able to compute anything that was computable. The central ideas of how to run a modern computer are based on this very principle; after that time the changes began to be many and to happen quickly. In the 50’s the first computer language, COBOL, was created; the first machines using this system were used by the US during the Korean War.


The following decades were flooded by creations of this genre: memory chips, mouse, the popularization of computers among the common public, floppy disks and Ethernet (internal network of computers), all this in 20 years after the creation of COBOL. Microsoft was started in March of 1975, by Paul Allen and Bill Gates; Apple in April of 1976, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Gates and Jobs became famous for his creations and revolutionized the way we see and interact with the world today.

Since the 70’s both companies have grown and developed new products: personal computers, cell phones, smartphones, tablets. With the growth of technology, came the growth of competition, and companies like HP (Hewlett-Parker), Samsung, etc. share the current market with the mothers of modern-day computing.

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