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So long time ago that buying in the Internet has become more comfortable and practical than going out for shopping in a physical store, there are many advantages on buying in the Internet. But it will be worth buying on international sites like AliExpress knowing the advantages of:

  1. You can see lots of products;
  2. There is all the time to choose what to buy;
  3. You can find any product you want without having to walk so much;
  4. Good products at a good price.

But there is also the others side of the coin. The delay for delivering your request and if you need to replace the product because it is not as beautiful as you saw in the website, besides that, there are some fraudulent websites that don’t deliver the purchase.

A good site to make online shopping safely is AliExpress, which is well known in Brazil and has found great favor of people or rather women, since 60% of purchases made on the site are women who buy fashion accessories. In 2014 the site has registered more than 3 million customers just in Brazil, but it is not only in Brazil that the site has been a hit around the world. The Chinese company offers good prices and great variety of products and many forms of payments, which makes their purchase even more easily and quickly comes pleasing people all over the world.

For you, who are technology lover, AliExpress is a good place to buy your geek devices. The site has a wide variety of en7-300x250computers, ultrabooks, tablets, laptops and so on… Which prices starting at USD 259.00 or something around R$ 800,00. Here in Brazil the price really catches attention as the flashy product seems to have enough quality, and we all know that a good notebook in Brazil costs more than R$ 1.000,00 and with much less money you can buy a good notebook in AliExpress. A care which is valid to take when you’re buying your notebook, mobile phones, and tablets is seeing if it has coverage in Brazil. For example, HTC’s phones don’t have coverage here in Brazil, so it can be purchased for you and end up not working, so is good to take care when doing shopping.

But not everything is as it seems. AliExpress has a large number of complaints on the website “Reclame aqui”. Only 45% of complaints were resolved, and on the other side we can notice that 41% of people who bought there would return to purchase on the site. The biggest guilty in delaying the delivery is the custom-house system that has no structure to deal with a large number of purchases that arrive every day, this is not an exclusive problem of AliExpress, other e-commerce like Amazon, EBay have been through these same problems at the time of delivery.

What I can say is that their customer service works very well. The only problem on buying on AliExpress is the delivery delay and the difficulty in replacing a product, otherwise buying on AliExpress is very calm, the price is good and if something goes wrong you have with those who complain, and will not be without your product, it may take a little longer than usual mas it will come.

Article by: Renata Billy (re_billy@)


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