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It’s not news that the Chinese e-commerce site, AliExpress, is a huge success. However, just as Ali Express, some products are sold on incredible amounts during the week, and these products can be found easily on the “Bestselling” section of AliExpress, where they are ranked by the number of orders made in a general group os sales, and then according to AliExpress’ categories.

On the week of September 13 to September 19, the TOP 10 had very interesting items that how big is the amount of consumers that AliExpress has. With makeup, gardening and technological items in exposition, it’s possible to understand the power that variety brings to the global sales number of AliExpress. We will see some items and talk about them, as follows: On first place, a makeup sponge, for US $0.75 each; this sponge is used to even the makeup and reflects the recurrent subject that 60% of the consumers on AliExpress are women. This sponge was sold 3864 times on that week.

On second place, we have, incredibly, a pack of colorful rose seed, each pack for US $0.98. On the product’s page, there’s a detailed description of the procedure needed for the roses’ plantation and the buyers that commented on the post were excited about the good results. This pack of seeds was sold 3013 times on that week.

On third place, we have a portable, impermeable, subwoofer sound box, for US $6.02 each, with free shipping for Brazil, which certainly doesn’t hurt the sales number on Brazilian lands. With a variety of colors and a suction support to be put on walls, the sound box is the first technological item to appear on the list, with excellent recommendations of users that were satisfied with the product. The sound box was bought 2547 times on that week.



The TOP 10 goes on with a stainless steel manual mower (2084 orders); micro SD memory card, with different storage capacities (1384 orders); wristwatches with leather bands, available in many colors (1062 orders); blue polo shirt of cotton (719 orders); water proof concealer (481 orders); flash drives with models based on Star Wars (301 orders) and an ethnical dress (243 orders).

The difference between the first and the tenth items shows the advantage that AliExpress has over the competition relating to the number of options available to the consumer, showing the huge number of options given to the buyer, allowing an unbelievable growth on the number of sales, justifying the transfer of million of dollars a year, leaving companies like Amazon and eBay behind.

AliexpressTB21The product are grouped, then, on their categories, being: Women, Men, Electronics, Sports, Health & Beauty, Kids & Babies, Home & Garden and Automotive. On the categories there is also the exposition of the ten top selling items during the week, comparing them only to other items on that category, giving the buyer more options of the bestselling items on the wanted category.


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